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The Legal Stuff

The RealEstateRewards.Net is the forward facing website for Referral Source, LLC that offers the Access Realty REwards Program.  Referral Source, LLC is the brokerage that negotiates and receives referrals, from which we provide Commission Rebates.  Without a referral fee, there is no commission rebate to provide our customers.  Referral Source, LLC is a licensed brokerage in Georgia.  The Qualifying Broker is Carl Camarota.

By submitting your information on this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • By registering on this website, you authorize The Referral Source, LLC and its agents to contact you and and refer you to Realtors in your Destination or Departure area in exchange for a referral fee.

  • With your registration, you acknowledge Referral Source, LLC will be paid a referral fee commission, which is the basis for your Cash Back commission rebate.

  • Except where state laws prohibit commission rebates, you will receive a commission rebate only upon closing a real estate transaction after being referred to the Broker who assists you, and actually closes on a home as either a purchaser or a seller.  

  • A referral fee will be paid to The Referral Source, LLC from the proceeds of your closing.  As such, The Referral Source, LLC may share this commission with you in the form of a "Commission Rebate" or "Cash Back Bonus".

  • Your commission rebate is paid upon receipt of a referral fee from the Broker you were referred to.  In such a case where the referred broker does not, or refuses to pay a referral fee when a referral fee is clearly earned, you agree to allow The Referral Source, LLC to deduct the costs(if any) of pursuing the referral fee from the Referred Broker, with the amount remaining paid to you as your Cash Back bonus.

  • If you do not close a transaction with the broker in which The Referral Source, LLC has an agreement for a referral fee as a result of your transaction, no referral fee will be paid, and therefore no cash back bonus / commission rebate will be paid.

  • When states allow Commission Rebates, your commission rebate will be listed on the Closing Disclosure, and paid to you directly from the closing attorney.   You agree to cooperate in signing any documents to achieve this goal of paying you directly. 

  • Your Lender may require full knowledge that you will be receiving a "Cash Back Bonus" or "Commission Rebate".  The Referral Source shall provide all information to the lender only with your expressed, written permission.

  • In a circumstance where a "Cash Back Bonus" or "Commission Rebate" is prohibited by state law, federal law, or lender requirements, you agree the payment of "Cash Back Bonus" or "Commission Rebate" shall be forfeited.

  • When States do not allow commission rebates, The Referral Source will receive the referral fee, and from that referral fee The Referral Source will pay you a Commission Rebate.

  • You understand and agree any commission rebates in excess of $600 must be reported to the IRS by the Referral Source, LLC, and a 1099 must be issued to you.  In such cases, you agree to provide your current mailing address and Social Security Number at the time a Cash Back bonus is granted.

  • Should you refuse to provide required information for IRS reporting, you agree The Referral Source, LLC cannot pay a commission rebate, and therefore such rebates shall be forfeited by you.

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