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Who we are, and why we do this...

Christy and Tom Woiwode

Christy and Tom Woiwode are the owners / operators of several companies.  Christy has been around real estate since she was 2 years old, having been raised by a real estate family.  She has worked in every capacity one can within a real estate brokerage, now being the CEO and majority owner of a large, multi-state brokerage.  In all of her roles, her most satisfying position was working with military families and helping them move across the globe.  Christy is recognized as a leading voice in relocation, and has received countless awards for excellence in service to military relocation organizations.

Tom received his RN in 1987 from a hospital based 3 year nursing program in Peoria, Illinois.  After 8 years in the ICU setting as both a staff RN, Charge Nurse, and clinical instructor of nursing students, he took the position of managing Emergency Services in a regional trauma center in Savannah, GA.  After 5 years in the role, he left the full time nursing profession and began his real estate career.  Along with real estate sales, he took his passion for teaching into the world or real estate, and now owns and operates 2 real estate schools in the state of Georgia, as well as ownership interests in multiple other companies. 

The programs Christy and Tom have created with this website are a salute to those who serve our country and our communities without fanfare or recognition.  There are many opportunities for the Generals, the Chiefs, and the CEO's.  This is their opportunity to recognize those that don't make the headlines, but serve with distinction and honor every day. selflessly, with anonymity. 

Through the businesses we own and through our personal efforts, we give back to the communities we serve.  With this program, we can expand our community contributions by advocating for home ownership and rewarding those that serve our communities.

We salute and honor you, and look forward to giving the rewards you deserve.

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