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Those Who Help Us, When We Can't Help Ourselves.

A life in healthcare is a selfless choice.  

Tom Woiwode, the co-owner of Real Estate Rewards, was a registered nurse for over 25 years, working in ER, Trauma, and ICU.  He understands the world of healthcare and speaks the language.  

The nurses, support staff, lab staff, imaging specialties, OR staff - these are the people that are the engine of the hospital.  They toil in obscurity.  They are the first people you see, and the last to get recognition.

It is for these reasons and many more Tom created Real Estate Rewards and the Cash Back Program for healthcare providers.  So they too could could get recognition so many others were getting.

Healthcare Workers

Home Value and Cash Back Bonus Available

As an Access Realty Rewards Buyer or Seller, you can receive a commission rebate of 20% of the commission earned.

Example:  Home Sales Price is $150,000 and the Broker is paid 3% of the sales prices.  This equals $4,500.  A commission  rebate of 20%, or $900 will be paid to you as your Cash Back in the form of a commission rebate.


  • Eligibility for a Cash Back commission rebate is only available to you if you have NOT contacted a real estate professional.

  • Once you register, we will be in contact within an hour during the day, and within 8 hours on weekends or after business hours.

  • If you have a Realtor you would like us to contact - we will do so on your behalf, and negotiate the Cash Back commission rebate.

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