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Always Ready

Running toward the flames, the wreckage, or the crisis, these things take a special kind of person.  There are some jobs you don't do for the money.  They are a calling.

In salute of those who are there for us just when we need them, who are there to lend us a helping hand, or rescue us from that burning building - when we have a chance to give back, we must.

For these reasons and many more, we salute our first responders and offer them a reward for their deeds that so often go unrecognized.

Home Value and Cash Back Bonus Available

As an Access Realty Rewards Buyer or Seller, you can receive a commission rebate of 20% of the commission earned.

Example:  Home Sales Price is $150,000 and the Broker is paid 3% of the sales prices.  This equals $4,500.  A commission  rebate of 20%, or $900 will be paid to you as your Cash Back in the form of a commission rebate.


  • Eligibility for a Cash Back commission rebate is only available to you if you have NOT contacted a real estate professional.

  • Once you register, we will be in contact within an hour during the day, and within 8 hours on weekends or after business hours.

  • If you have a Realtor you would like us to contact - we will do so on your behalf, and negotiate the Cash Back commission rebate.

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