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Get credit where credit is due.
Are you a Veteran?
Are you active military?
Are you a Nurse?
Are you a First Responder?
Are you a Teacher?
Well, we've got something for you!

You can receive commission rebates (Cash Back) each time you purchase or sell a home through our referral network.  No matter where you live in the continental US, whether moving across town or across the country.  

But First... You need to Register!

Getting Started:  Simply register with our brokerage PRIOR to contact with a real estate professional.  Once you've registered, we will contact you to verify your information.  This involves an interview by our staff who are knowledgeable in Relocation and Military moves.  

Home Value and Cash Back Bonus Available

As a Access Realty Rewards Buyer or Seller, you can receive a commission rebate of 20% of the commission earned.

Example:  Home Sales Price is $150,000 and the Broker is paid 3% of the sales prices.  This equals $4,500.  A commission  rebate of 20%, or $900 will be paid to you as your Cash Back in the form of a commission rebate.

How it works:  Real estate is a business based upon relationships.  We have a vast network of Realtors across the country we work with.  With your permission, and ONLY with your permission, we reach out to our network of Realtors in your departure or destination area and give them your information.  In exchange for your information, we agree on a referral fee with that Realtor.  The commission rebate you receive is based upon that referral fee.

Why this costs you nothing up front:  Real estate commissions are negotiated PRIOR to a sale.  When a real estate professional assists you in buying or selling your home, the referral fee is shared back to our brokerage.  This referral fee comes from the commission that is earned upon the closing of your purchase or sale.  We then pass a large portion of that referral fee back to you as a commission rebate.

Army Soldiers
Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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